Thursday, September 13, 2007

Drinking coffee

I have noticed that at a certain time of the month, it is impossible for me to resist the siren call of the cappuccino machine at work. Today is one of those days. I have had two already and am about to go back for a third. I do make them decaf, so it's not as bad a full caff but I find if I don't give in to the need for coffee, it quickly degenerates into a full scale chocolate binge. And we definitely don't want that! Not while dieting, at any rate.

Anyway, it's a tad worrying, as it's a bit early for prime PMS time for me, and my temperature has dropped over the last two days (yes, I am lame, I still chart my temperature). So I may be having a short luteal phase and hence a short cycle this month. Not that a wacky cycle after a failed IVF is in any way unusual or necessarily a big deal. A wacky cycle is kind of to be expected, except previously I have had longer cycles after my failed IVFs. But every wacky cycle makes it harder to predict when my next IVF is going to be. I wanted to book the NY hotel as soon as I got CD1, and also book the kitty in to the vets to board her while I'm in NY next time. I don't want to board her, as the last time she was boarded she got incredibly stressed out and developed a urinary tract infection, but I think it is for the best this time. I will be away over Thanksgiving, and my friends who do not enjoy kitty feeding and poop scooping duty at the best of times may rebel at being called upon over Thanksgiving. And besides, last time they broke my $120 automatic kitty litter so it's not as if it is really free care anyway. But of course, Thanksgiving is a crazy busy time at the vets for boarding so I feel I need to book her in early. And she's probably due to have some shots or other, and no doubt a check-up, so I need a lead-in time to get her up to speed on that stuff. But, being me, I'm feeling a bit weirded out by not knowing exactly the dates I will be away so it's stressing me out a tad to have to book and say "it'll probably be these dates, but I may have to change them as we get closer". I know, I know, the vets office don't care why, but I always fret that I am just going to stand there and uncontrollably spill the whole IVF story to some random stranger who doesn't care about it and then I will feel like an idiot.

Oh, and I didn't cancel the diet thing. The customer service people called back extremely apologetic, and thanked me profusely for bringing the gelatin error to their attention. They are changing the meals with the offending gelatin, substituting them out from my plan in the meantime, and giving me a credit. So I am giving them another shot. As for the ground turkey containing meal, that looks to be a packing error. It looks like the person that had that happen received a meal from the regular plan (the Mexican style burrito) rather than the veggie meal (the bean burrito) that was supposed to be included. So that all made me feel better and I am sticking with it for now.


sarzini said...

Just chiming in about kitty boarding. Is there a cats only boarding place near you? Our guys get so stressed at the vets. We used to use a cat only hotel for boarding and they would actually come back somewhat normal! Unfortunately now one of our cats needs daily meds so they have to be boarded at the vets. Just a thought :) Oh and I heart Miffy!

calliope said...

In solidarity I enjoyed a non fat decaf cap this afternoon.