Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What I did on my summer holiday

OK, so I've only been gone for a 3-day weekend, but it feels like it was my summer holiday. Especially as this year's vacation is (hopefully) going to be taken up with an IVF trip to NY. But I went away, people! I forced the lovely Cali to put up with me for a whole weekend, which she did most graciously, even when I was being an obnoxious brat and complaining about having to watch "Because I Said So" on DVD. In my defense, it is pretty darn bad and I was, ahem, tipsy, due to the quantities of red wine I had consumed. Well, OK, there is no defense. I was just obnoxious and one should never say "this movie is really crap" every 90 seconds when someone else is trying to watch it.

But! We went out to dinner and lunch and breakfast. We did touristy things, and looked at fancy houses and took a little river trip and went to a museum. Culture! Big City stuff! We had fancy beverages. We rode around in a turquoise convertible with all the guys checking out the foxy ladies (OK, maybe that part was just in my imagination although surely some of them were checking us out). And we tried to go to a movie in a real cinema but failed due to a technical mishap with the car. But even sitting in a parking lot for 3 hours or so while waiting for the tow truck guy is quite bearable when you can talk about the important things in life, such as poop and the quality of the dining clientele at the Golden C.orral buffet restaurant, with someone as witty as Cali.

So, thanks for putting up with me, my dear. I had a lot of fun, and am sad to be back at work today. Boo hiss. And, being the bad blogger that I am, I forgot to take my camera, so I have no photos to delight anyone with. I am bad, I know. But it's probably for the best for my ego, because Cali is way more photogenic than I, so I'd probably just cringe at the photos anyway. But maybe I can discuss those insecurities in my therapy session tonight, so I'll see if that's of any use whatsoever or if I've already got past my need for her.

Back to the grind...

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calliope said...

I am actually missing you today! back in "real" life is quite dull.
GM did ask about you this morning and wanted to know if you would be here for dinner...heh.