Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things you don't know about me

I've been tagged by Cali !

7 things you may not know about me, but then again, knowing me, I'm probably repeating myself.

1) I didn't get my first car until I was 26. I just didn't need it in most of the places I lived up to then, and I can't say I was really keen to start driving. But once I did, I actually loved the freedom it provides. Even if I still would take trains everywhere if I could.

2) I secretly love opera.

3) I distinctly remember my first taste of avocado. It was at my friend Rachel's house - I'd stayed for dinner after elementary school one night and they had salad. With this alien substance called avocado. It cracked my world open thinking that there were these exotic, sophisticated people who had avocado for dinner. In my town. Who knew? I'd never even heard of such a thing before. At my house, salad was limp lettuce, a bit of tomato, some cucumber, green onions (that I didn't like) and maybe some pickled beets (ditto on not liking them). With salad cream that I didn't like either. I did not get a good start in life with salad!

4) I shave my toes every now and then. Yup, hairy toes. Ewwww.

5) I often don't shower at the weekend. Even if I go out and do yard work or something. Sometimes I just like to sit around stinking. It seems like an honest smell. Not that I'd go out in public smelling the place up, you understand. Well, maybe to Winn Dixie where I know I'll be in good company, but nowhere else.

6) I cannot let a day go by without cleaning out my ears with Q-tips. Even though you're not supposed to do that, but I just can't not do it. It gets all nasty feeling if I don't.

7) I was a competitive swimmer when I was a kid. I was a pretty mean backstroker (backstrokist?) if I do say so myself. But laziness won out, and I didn't want to practice twice a day or get up at 5am so I gave it up.

OK, as far as tagging goes, as usual everyone I want to tag has either done this already or probably doesn't read my blog (hmm, maybe I should have posted about my insecurities??). So, consider yourself tagged if you read this and feel like doing it.

In immigration news, I have made my appointment for my medical exam, which is set for next Wednesday. I also dug out old vaccination proofs last night, and of course I don't have them all, so I guess for some things we'll have to test to see if I am immune. Or maybe the doctor will just give me some shots right there and then. I was also horrified to find I had the wrong type of birth certificate, as I only have a short form, and don't have a copy showing my parents names, which apparently I need. I imagined this would involve a lengthy delay, but luckily in the internet age you can order the darn things on line and they'll even try to mail them the next day for an extra fee. Score! So I've ordered a copy from England, and paid the premium processing fee in the hopes that this won't delay things too much. Should be OK, I think.

Aaaand, in hep C news, tomorrow is the day. The day I will know. It was hard to fall asleep last night thinking about everything, so I imagine that tonight will be even worse. Gack. This is it, people. The truth, plain and unvarnished. No more hoping for false positives. A potential IVF delay of over 6 months. Eeeek. I'm pretty nervous now, I have to admit. I feel my heart racing every time I think about it, and have to work to calm myself down. It will all be OK in the end, though. I hope.

ETA: Just in case the fact that this post is dated "Wednesday" and I'm saying "tomorrow is the day" could cause confusion, my appointment is not today. I started the post yesterday, got caught up in work and finished it today. In my defense, it takes a while to think up 7 things! But it looks like it's kept yesterday's date. Just to confirm - the appointment is tomorrow, Friday, and this is Thursday, despite evidence to the contrary. Or I'm in Groundhog Day or something.


serenity said...

I shave my toes too. :)

Hugs hon. I am hoping that tomorrow's news is good.

But if it's not- it's the facts. It'll no longer be the "unknown."

Hugs and crossing my fingers for you.

Kim said...

I'm thinking of you, S, and hoping that the news is good on Friday. {{{Hugs}}}

calliope said...

wait. you aren't supposed to q-tip every day? I had no idea.

will be thinking of you tomorrow. knowledge is power. (& did my saying that just make you want to smack me?)

1 week until roller derby!!
bwha ha ha

katty said...

thinking of you, sarah.

lady macleod said...

I am totally with you on opera and toe hair!

Nice list, good to get to know about you. I wandered over from "Upon Awakening".

Good luck to you with all the paperwork and officials.