Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well, that didn't work

No ultrasound. They refused to do it, because as I'm now an "outside monitoring" patient, I must provide them with a prescription before they'll do anything. I felt like saying I wanted to be their patient again and do an IUI this month just so they'd do the ultrasound for me, but I didn't because what would have been the point? They were already refusing me everything. So I drove there for nothing. Made the appointment for nothing (and, may I say, it would have been nice if the scheduler had mentioned the need for a prescription). All for nothing.

So, my 5cm cyst could have shrunk, or could now be a 7cm cyst. Who knows? Certainly not me. Fuckers.

Sooo, here we are. My next hep C test is in 3 and a half weeks. It's been taking 2 weeks to get the results, so unless I have a 5 and a half week cycle this time, I'm not going to have that magic "clearance" letter from the internist, and hence have a prescription from Big New Clinic in time for next CD2. Which means no ultrasound again, presumably. Which would put a dampener on me starting estrogen and ganirelix that cycle. Oh, of course I shall call and beg and plead for early Hep C results, an early "clearance" letter and an early placement on the IVF schedule for Big New Clinic. I shall certainly try. But given how the beauracracy seems to go around here, I am beginning to think I might be cycling in August/September. And that's IF the cyst has shrunk on its own. If it hasn't, there'll be another couple of months wasted while I get the cyst operated on. Which is getting to be just plain ridiculous. I'm wasting fertility here, you wankers!

In better news, I had a physical exam this morning for my g.reen c.ard. The doctor was very nice, and agreed with the absurdity of testing me now for infectious diseases when I've already been in the country for six years and could have infected a whole bunch of people. He smiled and said "ahh, that's the American way!" with a twinkle in his eye. In fact, once we got to the questions he had to ask me and he had to ask if I was curently or ever had been insane, we had quite a chuckle over me saying "no, but wouldn't I say that even if I was insane?". So he ended up giving me the form, and asking me to tell him if I'd ever had any of the diseases listed, and that was that. I had to have a booster vaccine for tetanus and diptheria, and a skin test for tuberculosis that they will check on Friday. And if I pass that (and the HIV and syphillis tests, which I've only just had done for IVF and passed), I'll be all set.


calliope said...

hurrah for a smooth sailing physical exam.

and BOOOOO HISSSSS for the lameness of the clinic that wouldn't scan. wanks.

Anonymous said...

Are these people insane? I really can't believe (well, yes, I can, but...) that they wouldn't do a f'ing u/s for you. Jerks. Heck, it wouldn't hurt a darn thing and it's not as if you were asking them to do it for free. I hope you catch a break soon. I guess the whole physical exam and getting to move forward with the g.reen c.ard is a bit of a break, but not enough of one for you in my mind. Anyway, indignant on your behalf over here. Deb (who for some reasn can never get my blogger acct to work with comments in the rare event I try to leave one)

lady macleod said...

Well done on the physical and moving ahead on your card. Buggers to the bureaucracy, but then that's the core of bureaucracy is it not? Keep breathing in and out.