Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I really wanted to stop doing the whiny "is it positive?" type posts. I really wanted to. I went plum crazy at the store today, and bought four different types of pregnancy tests. Yes, four. I really figured I'd get a positive on a couple of them (maybe all of them!) and I could post triumphantly that I believed.

Clear Blue Easy Digital says: Not Pregnant
Equate says: Not Pregnant
First Response says: Not Pregnant

Accuclear has another faint pink line. Which may be a tad darker than yesterday's faint pink line.

Is Accuclear really that much more sensitive? Am I just getting errors? The test I just tried was from a different lot than the tests I did before. Surely they wouldn't all be crap?

Sigh. Roll on beta results.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I really think a lot of tests don't pick up anything until the hcg is pretty high. I can't believe that all those accuclears are wrong. I'm sure you've got hcg in there, just a little low still to register on the other tests. My first beta this time was 274 and the tests were still very light.
I have tons of confidence that you'll get a positive beta tomorrow.
Hugs and Kisses to you. I'm sure you won't sleep much tonight...

Amber said...

((((((((((((((( hugs)))))))))))))) I had heard that equate tests were the best to use..... but kept getting negatives on them. I also used the digital and it even said "not pregnant". I went to the doc at 14 dpo and had a beta done. It came back positive. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

michelle said...

Aargh. I really do hate the HPTs. And I'm sorry that I encouraged use of the digital. I think they are less sensitive. I have no experience with Equate. My First Response test was still super, super faint when Accuclear was giving me a pretty decent line the morning of 13dpo (I never tested in the afternoon or evening). Damn. But I am also confident that you're going to get a positive beta.

katty said...

Dear Sarah,
Hoping for you.

Anonymous said...

Not that this is particularly helpful, given the outcome of my pregnancies, but I got lines on the internet cheapies and on Accuclear, nothing else. Of course my betas peaked and started going down - but that doesn't mean yours will.

Hoping the best for you.

Kate (blogger won't let me log in)

Calliope said...


I hate effing uncertainty. I know you must be going bonkers.
thinking of you & HOPING.