Friday, May 01, 2009

Red, red wine...

I am feeling quite proud of myself.

This week I:
a) hired a pool boy. OK, it's a pool old man. But he is going to keep my pool in tip-top shape so that's one less job for me to do and means I can swim all summer. Yay! No more scooping leaves out of the darn thing.
b) discovered Pandora for my Blackberry. Free cool music!
c) cleaned a bit. I made a good dent in the cleaning work, though it isn't finished yet.
d) finally got on the scale after weeks of bingeing. I'm only up 3.5 lbs so that's nowhere near as bad as I thought.
e) went out to dinner with my friend P. We went to "the island" that is near where I live. Where all the rich people hang out. It was fun, but full of super-wealthy types. And us.
f) went out to dinner with my tenant A. Also fun. And we made plans to -

g) go out to a music festival on Saturday afternoon/evening with some of A's friends and see UB40.

Social life! And yes, there was wine drunk. And there may be dancing, when my life's theme song comes on.


calliope said...

check you out with your Saturday plans!!
And hiring a pool old man? brilliant!
I can't wait to hear about the concert- hope you guys have a blast.

jen breese said...

Great news! (I found your site by my SMC search.)

I'm single too, full time grad student and work ft. It does make it really hard to get out and be social. Glad to hear you broke out. :)

Hope the concert is awesome.