Sunday, May 03, 2009


UB40 were actually a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them and dancing and singing along, but I failed at:

a) Operating my cameraphone with any degree of success.
b) Stopping my tenant from driving drunk even though I offered to drive her and her even drunker friend anywhere they wanted several times, and asked several times if she was SURE she was OK to drive, and admonishing them to be safe, and offering AGAIN to drive them. What is one to do when you're not close enough to demand that they do not drive? I suppose I should have demanded anyway. Like I said, fail. I feel like a shit for it.
c) Remembering to take hand sanitizer, so had to use porta-potties and probably get all sorts of germs when swine flu has been confirmed in the next county, allegedly. Not to mention wearing long jeans that drag on the floor through urine even though I was trying to hold them up.
d) Flirting with anybody. Tenant managed this, successfully it seems. In fact, she was even flirting in the porta-potty line.
e) Stopping myself from planning IUI's in my dreams during today's afternoon nap after berating myself at my failure over flirting. No, I DON'T want to sign up for more IUI's. But clearly I have a one-track mind, and I wish I could relax over this once and for all.
f) Feeling like an old fart for wanting to go home after the band and not wanting to go on elsewhere. Likewise with not wanting to have any more than 2 drinks when driving. Time was I used to be able to go out and enjoy myself and not worry about drinking or hand sanitizer.

Back to school this week, and I have also failed at doing any studying while on break. Oh well, c'est la vie.


Almamay said...

Your post made me giggle. Your night out sounds like you are a proper student!!! Including not catching up on your studies. I think you should give yourself a little credit for that. At least you didn't loose your knickers during the night out or wake up with sick in your hair. My old roommate used to do that all the time. :-)

calliope said...

But the photo is pretty damn cool.
And seriously- you get a gold star on the social activities!
when you have another school break can we schedule a get together?