Friday, May 07, 2010


Before the crushing exhaustion of a new semester at school begins again, I thought I'd jot down a few random thoughts:


I had an amazing psychic/akashic record reading type thing done over the weekend. It has given me hope again on many levels. I'm not sure I can write about it adequately without sounding like a complete fruitcake, but I believe in what happened, and I believe the message I got that there is a soul waiting for me to be its mother. And that it doesn't necessarily have to be through adoption. So I am again thinking about this whole motherhood thing rather than remaining child free. We asked if this soul was born yet, and got the answer that it has not. But, anyway, first I'm going to look for my husband/boyfriend, who I also believe is out there somewhere for me. And then we'll see what happens.


Are you a regimen type of a gal? I mean beauty regimen here. I have always been a random collector of products tried and not stuck with. But I have been thinking about the number of chemicals we expose ourselves to on a daily basis, and am thinking that this random usage of different items might expose me to more types of chemicals than if I stuck to one range of things. Surely items from one brand that are meant to work together will have underlying basic formulae that share ingredients? So if I switched to a complete regimen, might this cut down on the number of different chemicals? Anyway, I'm going to give it a go. I'm going to try being a regimen following lovely. And on that note, do you have any natural beauty brands that you love? Skin care, hair care, make up. Or even cleaning products?


Do you love to-do lists? I remember blogging previously about trying out a web-based to do organizer. Well, I gave up on that one pretty quickly, but I am now trying out So far, me likey! I ever have this dream of being organized. And, talking of which, my house is still tidy, which is probably a record for me. I am trying my very best to morph into a neat freak. I don't want to hire someone to clean for me - I tried that out before, and while I liked coming home to a nicely mopped floor every other week, it didn't satisfy me on a fundamental level. Strangely, making small but incremental progress in cleanliness brought about by my own actions is satisfying.


I spoke to a woman yesterday who is from England and has been in the States about the same length of time as me. And she's a year younger than me. But she still spoke with a very English accent, but me, not so much. I have really modulated the way I speak over the years, and I wonder what this says about me. Or her. It was a very noticeable difference when we were talking. You say skedule, laugh at the way I say shhedule, and it won't be long before I'll say skedule too. Same with yoggurt and yohgurt. Same with any number of other words. Do I just associate more with people that are not terribly tactful and burst out laughing at my strange "mispronounciations"? Or am I more sensitive to people laughing at me? I hate it. Hate, hate, hate. And I know they're not laughing in a mean way most of the time (although when I said urEYEnal to a room full of people recently instead of Urihnal, that got some pretty harsh laughter and teasing afterwards). I'm not trying to put on an American accent. I still stand out, but I say many words in an American way. And there are some words I am incapable of saying differently, like bahth, and cahstle. I guess those are ingrained somehow, whereas the other words are easy for me to say differently. Are the people that stick with their accents incapable of changing? Do they just want to hold firm and be the obvious English person? Am I just scared of standing out?


Anonymous said...

Some people I believe just pick up the language around them more quickly, it's a scoial trait and IMO from an evolutionary standpoint a good one. So I'd just leave it at that!

Stephanie said...

It just means that you are a high self monitor from a social psychology standpoint. It means you likely have more self awareness than your highly accented counterpart.

Don't worry, though. You still have the power to go all English on my ass! ;-)

And, it's pretty cute!!

Calliope said...

wow. I am totally wanting to hear more about your reading!

You know I like products- haven't had a regimen in a while tho. I think I actually used shampoo to wash my face this morning and I just realized that I didn't wash my face before coming up to bed tonight.

And because it is cheap- I have totally started using baking soda to clean everything. Even my teeth!

I think your accent is adorable- and very much adapted to who you are.

I went to school with sisters. One was in my grade, the other was two years older. They had moved to the states from the UK when they were 8 and 10. The older girl clung to her accent and the girl that was my age sounded southern. It was always amusing to be with both of them- and they totally mocked each other. I do wonder what they sound like now!