Monday, March 22, 2010

My notes, my choice.

I am, it would seem, a bitch. And I don't care.

We have this class on Saturday mornings which is hard. The prof. gives us an overload of information, and gives us two tests every week. Every week! Two! And I feel like I struggle. I write reams of notes, I study, I read the text book. And each week those tests are damn hard. I have a suspicion that two people in the class have got hold of old tests from other classes and are cheating. But I am not saying anything about them to anyone in charge, because eventually they'll get theirs. If they're not properly learning the stuff, they'll suffer in the end on one exam or another. And frankly, if that's their attitude to learning medical stuff, they'll suffer in their careers because they won't know what's going on when a patient comes in and says "I have X disease, can you help?" At least with acu they won't kill people if they treat wrongly, but it won't necessarily heighten the reputation of acu for the rest of us. But, whatever.

Anyway, there's this subset of people in class who have chosen not to take notes. Including the cheaters. But also including the party girl subset. I mean, I do have some sympathy for them - it's hard to get up early on Saturday after you've been out the night before. They sit there and listen (most of the time) or stare blankly at the wall thinking about their headaches. While I, and most others, didn't go out on Friday because we were effing studying. We worker bees are all getting pretty pissed about the whole thing.

So this week one of the "I have no need to take notes" people asked me if she could borrow my notes and copy them. And I said no. It would be a different matter if she'd missed the class because she was sick. Or if she struggled with taking notes, or with English, or with anything else. I have no problem in helping people out, because I know it is often easier for me than it is for others. But sitting there in class, choosing not to take notes? While I, every week, end up with a sore arm because I am writing so much? Ah no, you do not get to have me as your secretary taking dictation for you.

Heh. She's pissed at me. I wonder how long she'll keep it up for, but I am unrepentant. You're an adult, dearie, it's time to take responsibility for your own actions.


Almamay said...

I wouldn't give that silly cow another thought. Was her hand broken so she couldn't write her own notes? No. Well then she is just lazy.

When I was at law school I went to every single class and took copious notes. I was in every sense of the word a swot. One time I was asked by someone who didn't attend class if they could borrow my notes. I said sure but I did warn her that I was dyslexic and that my spelling wasn't great but she would be able to understand my notes. Well, I was gobsmacked when she handed me back my notes with my spelling corrected in RED INK!!! I was so angry and humiliated. When she asked again to borrow my notes (because she couldn't be bothered to turn up for class) she got a NO.

Sara said...

You did the right thing. Don't give it another thought.

Meg said...

Good for you! I would have said no too

Stephanie said...

I would have said no, too.

BTW, I think bitches are hot. ;)

Gille said...

I would have done the same thing!