Thursday, January 07, 2010


It was my first day in the student clinic yesterday. In the morning I just observed on some simple pain cases. In the afternoon, I got to work on my first patient (in tandem with a more experienced student, and two doctors). And the first one I worked on? Yup, an infertility patient.

It was like the giant hand of fate was pressing on my head as soon as I walked in the room and realized what she was there for. It was saying "you SHALL work on infertility cases whether you want to or not." Not that I don't want to, necessarily, but sometimes I'd like the illusion of having a choice.

God, the poor woman. I knew exactly how she felt as she started crying in despair at the conflicting instructions from her RE not to take Chinese herbs, and the exortations of the main clinic doctor to take herbs and just give them three months. What is a person to do when these forceful personalities are all saying that you have to follow them to the letter and NOT do what the other forceful personality is telling you to do. And then the exercise/don't exercise question cropped up. And of course somebody in the room told her to relax and she'd get pregnant, and she wailed "but it's been two years." Deja fucking vu all over again. I hope I'll be able to tell her soon that I've been there, and to actually help her.


Almamay said...

Did a doctor or student really suggest she relax? That is shocking and the reason you are going to be not only a very good but very popular acupuncturist.

Kymberli said...

Though it sucks that ANYONE has ever had to and will ever have to experience infertility, your personal history with it gives you a sensitivity and level of care that will be a blessing for women like the one you met today. (((hugs)))

Rach said...

I agree with Kymberli, the fact that you've been there, you've experienced IF means that any IF cases you come across will give you a deeper understanding of what they're going through and so you'll be able to give them a completely different and possibly better level of care than someone who doesn't.

And as for the person who suggested she just relax, she/he should have been told that unhelpful comments like that are not their place to vocalise.

Not on Fire said...

I know that it is not "the way" but did you accidentally trip the "just relaxer" as they left the room? You have got to tell them not to do that.

sarah said...

Impressive restraint on not cleaning the 'relaxers' clock!

Pamela said...

The irony is too much! You'll be a guardian angel to her I'm sure. Others advised relaxing, seriously???

Hope all is well in your world. I'm putting together a new blog for women who are moving on the path on living child free...hope you'll drop by. It's called A Fresh Start -

Anonymous said...

I think it's terrific that you got the infertility patient because you can be more understanding and helpful than most.

I'm a patient with CCRM and they're actually very pro acupuncture - so I'm sure your patient is in great hands.

Yeah, "relax" and you'll get pregnant. "Relax" and your diabetes will fix right up and the cancer too. Ugh! People mean well, I know, but the ignorance is so painful.

Thanks for sharing yourself with those who can really appreciate it.

Deena said...

I have missed your writing...hope everything is going well with you.