Friday, September 11, 2009

The school food hierarchy

It seems at an alternative health type school, we are all a bit freaky about our eating. Or perhaps we all just only pretend to be uber-healthy when in public, and secretly scarf down pints of ice cream at home (as I did tonight, but I don't mind telling you guys because I freakin' enjoyed it, damn it).

Anyway, it seems to be a cool acupuncture student you must:

Only eat home-cooked food (commercially prepared food is so last century).
Only eat organic food (duh).
Only eat Chinese-style food (because we're studying Chinese medicine, after all).
Only eat out of pyrex containers (because plastic is bad).
Only use the toaster oven to heat up said home-cooked Chinese-style food in said pyrex containers (because microwaves are evil).
Only use your own chopsticks that you bring from home (forks are for idiots).

Except for the bozos like me who bring in an Amy's frozen meal and nuke it in the microwave. Which I then eat with a good old-fashioned western-style fork. I felt so embarrassed at school yesterday with two frozen meals - one for lunch and one for dinner. The sodium! The laziness! The horror! Ah well. I guess I am not cool after all.

Perhaps in a week or two when the crushing exhaustion that comes with the start of the semester lifts I will start trying to cook for myself again. But for now, Amy's is all I can muster the energy for.


Anonymous said...
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Stephanie said...

Well, you are cool to ME!!

(BTW, when you get a chance, can you give me a call to have a tiny chat about your Crackberry?? I may be giving in to the craze....)

Cindy said...

Lol! Oh, then I would be embarrassed every day! And it wouldn't be Amy's. ;)

Hey, Sarah, I still read your blog but usually don't comment. Sorry! I am glad you are still writing!

Anonymous said...

I live in China and everyone would laugh at the acupuncture students not using microwaves and always eating Asian food. I mean, we eat Western food all of the time and use forks pretty often too. Funny post! I do think you should ditch the frozen meals though, they are pricey and full of sodium. Sandwich or chicken and rice?

Miss X said...

Dropping by to see if I'd missed a post on my blogfeed thingie and don't see any new posts. Update me, please! =)